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our herd

All goats six months and older tested
for CAE and Brucellosis-June 2011!!

Our does and bucks are registered through ADGA, and with some also registered in NDGA and AGS. We are moving away from using AGS but all goats born here are able to be registered with that organization if the new owner desires.
Our wethers are registered through NDGA.
See info page, goat section, for information on these organizations.

Herd Book

I began my herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in November of 2006 with five wethers and one doe. I spend all my free time with them and they are pets. I added two more does and later a buck then soon after that two more bucks and another doe. And then....two more does. Soon I'll be able to start growing my herd on my own! I study pedigrees and look for good conformation and mammary backgrounds in the goats I add to my herd..and nice colors are always a plus!

Thankfully I have help doing this so my herd retains good quality goats. I certainly appreciate the help of Rusty Repp as I developed my herd. He was a fantastic mentor!
I work with my goats on a daily basis so they are friendly, wonderful companions.


Currently my herd consists of does (females), wethers (neutered males), and bucks (males). I work hard with the help of my parents to have a healthy herd. All of my animals are clean and disease free. We work diligently at Madison's Meadow to provide the cleanest, healthiest environment for our animals.

We are enrolled in the Scrapie Eradication Program since August 2, 2007.


My goal is to have goats that are healthy, friendly pets as well as have excellent conformation, good show ring performance, and fantastic mammary systems that demonstrate superior production in the milkpail. I am careful to only add animals to my herd that have been tested disease-free and come from herds that have been.

In the future I will be selectively adding a few animals from outside herds but will be concentrating by growing from within my herd. I am excited to move in this direction!

As we grow, you will be able to see their pedigrees, awards, and offspring results on their individual pages.

Spring of 2008 brought our first kidding season to Madison's Meadow. How exciting it was to watch the babies and their mama's! I love bottle feeding the babies. They come running to me every time I come out the back door. It's great!

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